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Stretch ceilings

A stretch ceiling consists of a durable PVC foil made of an elastic, waterproof and fire-resistant material which is stretched in one piece over the entire ceiling area. The distance between the structural ceiling and the stretched one should be at least 4 cm.

In a not too distant past ceilings could only be plastered and painted. What should be done, however, if ceiling irregularities exceed 50 mm? Not every plasterer is able to make such a ceiling look smooth. This challenging job would require plenty of plaster, effort, money and time. And once you have completed the renovation, just one little flood caused by your neighbours above can easily ruin your new beautiful ceiling that makes you so happy and proud. Will you start all over again? Or dare to try something new?


Multilevel stretch ceilings

Multilevel stretch ceilings not only offer you an endless number of possibilities in terms of design but also give you the chance to make your ceiling trendier. Usually multilevel ceilings are created using plasterboard. It is definitely easy to use, but, as far as functionality is concerned, it is considerably inferior to more modern building materials. Nowadays stretch ceilings are by far the most popular ones and our professionals make multilevel stretch ceilings with absolute mastery.

A multilevel stretch ceiling is not merely a beautiful and sophisticated structure. Like any other stretch ceiling it has a long service life, is strong, perfect in appearance and resistant to dirt. In contrast to a flat surface, multiple levels offer additional possibilities. They make it possible to hide the unevenness of the ceiling which other repair methods are unable to do. In addition to various surface defects, a multilevel stretch ceiling can also conceal the utility lines underneath it (for instance, power cords, central heating, ventilation system, alarms systems, etc.)

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