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Findeco offers blind from the manufacturer with 20 years of expirience. It is an ideal solition for the room dekoration and protections of the sun.

Cassette roller blind.

The cassette rollerblind mounted on the window frame is almost unnoticeable and comprises an integral unit with the window. The cassette is almost part of the window, the windowsill can be easily used and it is not necessary to raise the rollerblind when opening the window.

The cassette rollerblind is equipped with a roll cover and side strips. The roll cover protects the roll of the fabric from dust, the side strips keep the fabric pressed against the window frame when opening the window, thus preventing it from flapping in the wind. The curtain is operated by pulling a ball chain, while a break built in the chain mechanism ensures the persistence of the fabric at a desired height.

The wide choice of fabric renders an opportunity for diverse interior design. When wishing to restrict the view, dim the room or save energy emanating through the glass, fabrics can be selected based on the said factors.

Classic roller blind.

The Classic roller blind consists of fabric attached to a tube, a control mechanism and fastening brackets.
The Classic roller blind can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or in the window opening.

Roller blinds are excellent for practical purposes. Nevertheless, carefully selected roller blinds may also serve as elegant interior design elements. As it is very easy to combine roller blinds with textile curtains, the latter could be used only for giving a spacious decorative look. Thus, the main purpose of roller blinds is to adjust lighting and create a private atmosphere.

Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are slatted blinds made of aluminium  which move up and down using a mechanism. Further, the slats can be rotated around their axis. Although Venetian blinds are often negligently classified as office furnishings, those window coverings with a straightforward look might not be appear so cold and rigid. Moving the slats horizontally allows adjusting the amount of light in the room.

In addition, the slats combined with light create cosy-looking graphic patterns on the walls and other surfaces which provide a nice effect in modern interiors.

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